ARC Giveaway Results

This was a hard one. And I wasn’t even judging. (Thank goodness.)

There were thirty-two entries for the SWORN IN STEEL ARC giveaway. Thirty-two fun, clever, imaginative entries. I asked for you people to show your creativity, and you brought it in spades. It was an absolute joy to open each and every e-mail, to see each and every photo. You guys picked up the spirit of the contest and you ran with it.

Thank you. I wish my publisher had sent me a lot more ARCs.

As it is, the judges became deadlocked. It wasn’t possible to limit it to three. So there are going to be FOUR winners of SIS ARCs this time around, because I just don’t want to be that arbitrary.

Big congratulations to:

Sarah Keuper and her dangerous paper cutter

Sarah papercutter

Ellen Cutter and her mini-mercenary


Rebekah Lund (and her dramatic sword Valermos)

Bekah & Valermos 013

Cindy  Schwenzfeier, who was willing to sacrifice a wine glass for the cause.

Cindy L. Schwenzfeier

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who entered!

As for those of you who didn’t manage to score an ARC, I would like to send each of you a signed bookplate. Not the same as winning a book, I know, but at least something you can stick in your book (besides a sword/scissors/knife/baby’s tooth/whatever).

(This is the bookplate, btw…)

Bookplate final low-res

I will be contacting all the entrants to get mailing information, etc.

Thanks again for entering (and my appreciation to the people on Twitter who suggested ideas for the contest in the first place). This was a ton of fun. I’ll have to do more contests in the future.


ARC contest update: Judging Is Imminent!


After an unanticipated delay (for which I offer my apologies), ALL of the entries for the “Sworn In Steel” ARC giveaway have now been uploaded. I will be putting all thirty-two(!) entries before the judges tonight, right after they get home from work and school. ;) The three lucky winners will be announced shortly thereafter, and I will contact them directly to get all the pertinents necessary for sending along the ARCs.

In the mean time, go take a look at the entries. I think it is safe to say I have a bunch of fun, clever, talented readers who really know how to get into the spirit of a contest.

Good luck everyone!

ARC contest update

I am heading out of town rather last minute to visit an ailing friend. I will post the final round of entries when I get back next week, as well as determine the winners. Sorry about the delay.

Thanks for your patience. And if you can spare any good thoughts for a dear friend, please send them along.

Free books are FREE

My publicist sums up the plight of these poor, poor books. Won’t you give them a forever home?

Woot! My publisher, Ace/Roc, is giving away 15 copies of AMONG THIEVES over on Goodreads in anticipation of the release of SWORN IN STEEL. Contest closes April 4. So, if you know someone who hasn’t read the book yet but would like to win a free copy (or if you want to win a copy for a friend or the like), send them/head over!


I’m (already tired of all the talk about) Batman

Batman is my favorite comic book character, bar none. Before my life ate me, I collected his titles more regularly and avidly than any others (and still have boxes of bagged & backed Dark Knight stuff in my office closet). I’m a fan.

I tell you this so that when I say I don’t give a damn one way or another about Affleck being cast in the upcoming Batman/Superman attempt, you know I’m speaking as someone invested in the character. It’s a movie based on a comic book: by that standard alone, my expectations are dramatically lowered. Even with the recent run of Marvel pulling off decent adaptations, given the history of the medium, I consider that more a fluke than a standard. I’m still waiting for Marvel to step on it at some point and put out an amazingly epic turd of a movie post-Iron Man. Plus, this isn’t Marvel putting out the movie, it’s DC, and let’s face it–they haven’t got the strongest track record, even with this title. (George Clooney in “Batman & Robin”, anyone?)

Now where did I put that red emergency phone…?

But that’s all an aside. The main point is: it’s a movie. No matter how much you (or I) want it to be, it won’t be canon. (Which also begs the question, canon according to whom? Frank Miller? Allan Moore? Grant Morrison? Or even Bob Kane? There is no one canon when you have a 75 year old title with multiple writers). Movies based on comic books aren’t written for the die-hard comics fans, but for the movie-going public as a whole. The idea is to cater to the widest audience possible. The things that will cause a comic geek to writhe in their seats may very well have the other 90% of the audience cheering. Is that good? No, but neither is it bad. It’s about producing a blockbuster, which is at best an adaptation rather than a faithful recreation. Just as the title will change with the arrival of a new artist and writer, so will the movie franchise change with new writers/directors/actors.

Rumored original casting choices.

We may want it otherwise, but the reality is the movie isn’t being made for the Batman fans–it’s being made for everyone else. The studios know that the fans will see it anyhow, if nothing else to gather ammunition to damn or praise it. We’re a lock, albeit a small one. The goal is to get the rest of the public to plop their plastic down on opening weekend. Mind, that doesn’t excuse a crap movie, but it doesn’t mean it will automatically be crap just because the lead actor doesn’t meet some people’s idea of what the Bat should be like. A ton of other factors enter into it as well. Affleck can act: the question is whether or not he will act well this time around, and if the movie that surrounds him will help or hurt that effort.

But it’s not about us geeks, that’s for damn sure.