Reddit AMA Tonight!

I’m doing a reddit AMA (AskMe Anything) over on r/fantasy tonight, starting at 7:00 pm CST. Stop by either beforehand or during to ask questions, hang out, and just have fun. Not sure when it will end, but I do know I’ll be drinking rum throughout. ;)

Hope to see you there.

Regarding the (lack of) audio book for Sworn in Steel…


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I’ve had several people ask about an audio book version of SWORN IN STEEL, so I thought it would be a good idea to post here rather than answering one person at a time without the rest of you knowing what was going on.

At this point, the audio rights to SiS have not been purchased. Tantor (the people who did the a-b of AMONG THIEVES) only bought rights to the first book. I have no idea if they want to do the second book or not. Would I like them (or someone else) to? Yes. Do I have any control over that? Sadly, no. Its between my publisher and the audio book companies, and I don’t get to sit in on those negotiations.

So, the short answer is: Not right now. But that doesn’t mean one won’t be done down the line. I just have no idea if (or when) it will happen.

Needless to say, if the situation changes, I’ll tell you as soon as I know.

Video of “Sworn in Steel” U.S. release (or, “Author caught on film!”)

One of the cool things about a book release (for me) is being able to get out and interact with people. Yeah, the reading is cool, but I really enjoy the Q&A, the chatting while signing books, things like that. Even with family and my writer’s group and things like Twitter and Facebook, writing is still a solitary endeavor. At the end of the day it’s just you and the words.

Which is why things like this are so fun. And why I am so glad I can share it this time around.

My friend Sean Murphy was good enough to record the reading and Q&A session I did this Tuesday for the U.S. release of SWORN IN STEEL. I think it turned out rather well.

Thanks Sean. And thanks to everyone who came out for the launch. It couldn’t have happened without you! (No, seriously, it would have been me reading to a bunch of empty chairs, which is…yeah.)

Talking Fight Scenes at Minneapolis Comicon & C2E2 thanks


I’m going to be talking with Fated Blades author Steve Bein on a panel this Saturday at the Minneapolis Comicon. The topic? Martial Arts and the Art of the Fight Scene.

Steve and I got chatting after a signing at C2E2 last weekend, and he was good enough to ask me to join him on the panel. Steve has a ridiculous amount of experience in Eastern martial arts, which we both think will pair/counter nicely with my own more Western-based studies. We’ve been preparing in e-mail for the discussion, and I have to say, I think this is going to be a great conversation. I know there’s going to be ton going on at the con, but if you have time at 4:00 pm on Saturday, I urge you to stop by.

Steve was good enough to put up details about the panel on his site, so I’m going to be Lazy Author and direct you there for details.

Also, I just want to say thank you to everyone who either came to the panel, went to the signing, or stopped by the Penguin booth at C2E2. It was my first true comic convention, and I had a blast. We ended up giving away 500 copies of Among Thieves on Saturday (!), and I was able to spend some time at the booth signing copies for people. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to simply sit and chat with people at a signing, and this gave me a chance to do it in spades.

So thank you to the new fans or old, to people who stopped by just because the book was free or because you’d heard about it before. And thank you as well to the Penguin/Random House staff manning the booth, as well as my No. 1 son Evan, who did more than his fair part in telling people about the giveaway and pointing them in my direction at the con. It was a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to do it again.

The Importance of Pre-Orders, via Brain McClellan

Here I was, all ready to do a post about the importance of pre-orders for authors and their books, and my friend Brian McClellan comes along and beats me to it. And even does a better job that I likely would have done, too.

The nerve of some people!

Well, I suppose the means there is only one thing to do: tell you to go over to Brian’s blog and read his post. Because it’s important. And it’s true. Pre-orders can make a big difference in how a book does and is received, even before its release date. Every pre-order helps a tremendous amount, as do first week sales. In the end, this is a numbers game to a certain degree, and bigger numbers help authors get the opportunity to write more books.

Brian was good enough to put links down at the bottom of his post to some of the authors he has pre-ordered this year. Sworn in Steel is among them, yes, but they are all good books, all good reads, and all authors who could use the help. And I can also recommend Brian’s first book, Promise of Blood, and his upcoming release, The Crimson Campaign (which has the same release date at SiS, as it happens). If you are interested in any of these titles, or any other, don’t wait: pre-order them.* It makes a difference.

And because I am sure some of you are wondering: my own pre-orders were low last time I checked. If you are planning on buy a copy of Sworn in Steel, sooner would be nice, if you can swing it. Thanks. Links here.


* = I will note that if you are planning to attend a signing, then it is fine to hold off and buy the book there. Bookstores get nothing for hosting a signing other than (hopefully) increased sales of the book itself. Considering how much effort and planning the stores that have hosted me put into a signing, I would hate to take even a single sale away from them.

ARC Giveaway Results

This was a hard one. And I wasn’t even judging. (Thank goodness.)

There were thirty-two entries for the SWORN IN STEEL ARC giveaway. Thirty-two fun, clever, imaginative entries. I asked for you people to show your creativity, and you brought it in spades. It was an absolute joy to open each and every e-mail, to see each and every photo. You guys picked up the spirit of the contest and you ran with it.

Thank you. I wish my publisher had sent me a lot more ARCs.

As it is, the judges became deadlocked. It wasn’t possible to limit it to three. So there are going to be FOUR winners of SIS ARCs this time around, because I just don’t want to be that arbitrary.

Big congratulations to:

Sarah Keuper and her dangerous paper cutter

Sarah papercutter

Ellen Cutter and her mini-mercenary


Rebekah Lund (and her dramatic sword Valermos)

Bekah & Valermos 013

Cindy  Schwenzfeier, who was willing to sacrifice a wine glass for the cause.

Cindy L. Schwenzfeier

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who entered!

As for those of you who didn’t manage to score an ARC, I would like to send each of you a signed bookplate. Not the same as winning a book, I know, but at least something you can stick in your book (besides a sword/scissors/knife/baby’s tooth/whatever).

(This is the bookplate, btw…)

Bookplate final low-res

I will be contacting all the entrants to get mailing information, etc.

Thanks again for entering (and my appreciation to the people on Twitter who suggested ideas for the contest in the first place). This was a ton of fun. I’ll have to do more contests in the future.