Library Thing give-away and SFX news piece on AT

Because 30 ARCs GoodReads is clearly not enough, you can also sign up to win one of 30 ARCs of Among Thieves on LibraryThing as well.

You need to scroll down a bit, and, yes, you need to be a member–or sign up as a member–of LibraryThing to have chance of getting and early review copy. The closing date for entry is February 28, which means is you procrastinate on the GoodReads drawing (closes Feb. 21), you’ll still have time over at LT. But you’re not the kind to put things off like that, are you? (Additional note: this drawing is for U.S residents only as well.)

In other news, for those in the U.K., there’s a brief news piece on Among Thieves (and me) in the April 2011 issue of SFX Magazine, page 21. They also plan to do a review of the book in their next issue, hitting news stands in early March. Sorry, nothing on-line yet, but I’ll post links if/when any of it makes the web.

What? Win a free copy of “Among Thieves” before it hits the shelves, you say?

Ack! I’ve posted this everywhere except here it seems. Guess I’m still getting used to have a blog over here.


Lo, and behold! There did come in the time of Nebuchadnezzar….

No, wait, that isn’t right. Oh, here it is:

My wonderful U.S. publisher, Roc, is currently running a promotion for “Among Thieves” over at Goodreads. They have 30 ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) they are giving away between now and February 21st. If you’re interested, head on over here to sign up for a chance to win. (Note: it seems you have to become a member on Goodreads to be able to enter the contest. Not even free stuff is free any more, eh? Still, it’s pretty painless–I mean, even I did it, and I’m not even entering to win an ARC, so how hard can it be?)

So, if you want to get your hot little hands on an advance (and uncorrected–oooh, publisher and author errors! squee!) copy of the book, you now know what to do. Good luck!

(Oh, one more thing: the give away is only for people in the U.S.A. Sorry if you fall outside that limitation.)