What’s a Book Release without a Giveaway?!

Among Thieves officially hits the shelves in the U.S. tomorrow. And while I am sure this will result in the kind of mad-cap rush usually portrayed in Keystone Cops & Mel Brooks movies (whether to or from the store is still open to debate), I can tell you how to avoid the crush should you want to get your own copy…for FREE.

Fellow Penguin fantasy author, Lisa Shearin, is graciously hosting a giveaway of two signed copies of my debut effort over onĀ her web site. All you need to do is stop on by and leave a comment in the thread for a chance to win. How easy is that? (Answer: it’s very easy. Like, one click and little typing easy. You expended more effort ordering/making/opening your coffee/tea/energy drink this morning. No, don’t deny it–we both know better.)

So stop on over to Lisa’s site and toss your name in the hat; and check out her stuff while you’re there, too. She shares the same editor as me, and since our editor has exceptional taste (ahem)…well, you get the picture. ;)