Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit tonight

I’m a bit last minute in posting this, but I’ve been neck-deep in revisions and kids the last few weeks (ah, summer!).

I will be joining with a host of other fine authors tonight over on Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session. Festivities are scheduled to kick off at 7:00 PM CST and run until about 9:00, but the forum will be open earlier so people can post questions, and I expect authors and readers to be stopping back over several days to continue the discussion.
This whole thing is the brain child of @jdiddyesquire (Justin) of Staffer’s Book Review fame. He was brave/inspired/foolish enough to invite a bunch debut authors to guest post on his blog over the next couple weeks about writing the dreaded Second Book. Things have already kicked off, with Mark Lawrence, Kameron Hurley and Elspeth Cooper making appearances, along with excerpts of their upcoming works. The full schedule for the site is:

Week 1

7/16: Mark Lawrence
7/17: Kameron Hurley
7/18: Elspeth Cooper
7/19: Courtney Schafer
7/20: Stina Leicht

Week Two

7/23: Teresa Frohock
7/24: Mazarkis Williams
7/25: Bradley Beaulieu
7/26: Anne Lyle
7/27: Doug Hulick

As you can see, I am batting clean up this time around. :)

But don’t stop by just for me. These are all great people and great writers, and their posts have been illuminating. Last year was a damn good one to be a debut author, IMO, and I’m proud to be among this graduating “class.”

So, roll by Reddit tonight if you’re able, or even over the next few days, and make sure to check out Jason’s blog, too.


ETA: The AMA site is now open for people to post questions. Author answers won’t go live until 7:00 CST, but you can get in the queue.

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