Ten authors walk into a blog….

There’s something I should have told you all about a while back….

Over at Staffer’s Book Review, Justin Landon has been hosting something he terms “Debut Authorpalooza.” It’s a series of blog posts by ten debut fantasy/sf authors about what it was like to write their second book. There’ve also been excerpts, and Jason has a great giveaway going on.

Why do I mention it now? Well, because I’m one of the authors contributing over there. In fact, I’m the tenth author. And my post went live today.

But wait, you say. If they’ve been doing this for two week, and you’re the last author, then shouldn’t you have…?

Yeah, I should have. I should have posted about it here when it started, and been posting updates all along. But I haven’t. I’ve had my head down, working & dealing with…stuff. And while that’s all well and good for me, I haven’t been much of a team player.

So, definite bad on me, and apologies to Justin and my fellow authors for not picking up my part of the load on this one.

My own short-comings aside, though, I have been reading the posts, and let me tell you–great stuff. If you have any interest in the process behind the story writing curtain, you can do a lot worse than setting aside some time for this series of posts (and they’re all pretty short, so it’s not even that much time). And they’re not all the same: no choruses of, “OMG, it was so haaaaardddd” or “Oh, but I learned to trust myself, so it’s all shiny!” Yes it was/is hard, and yes, we learned stuff; but you’ll get no canned answers from this crew. It’s all meat, right down to the bone.

So do yourself a favor and wander over to Staffer’s–not because I posted there, but because nine other authors posted and helped me learn a lot about this craft and myself.

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