7 thoughts on “Because every day is made better with a little medieval meat carving

    • Came across my Twitter feed via @medievalist, which tweets links to articles & scholarly papers on the Middle Ages. Don’t have a documentable source handy, I’m afraid, but I could try to track one down if you want.

  1. If ya could….
    Looks to me like someone drew that up based on a wood plate or manuscript in period, and I would love to know the source on that.

    I’m going to show this to Aramanthra and see if she’s knows where it came from…

    Cool post, Bro! :)

  2. Doug

    Did you live in Northville MI at any time in your life

    I knew a Doug Hulick from Michigan when we were kids

    • Hey Steve!

      Yeah, that’s me. :) Drop me a line at my contact addy on this site and we’ll catch up. I heard from Pode a while back as well!

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