WorldCon/ChiCon 7


Because all the cool kids are doing it….

Here’s my WorldCon/ChiCon 7 schedule, for those who are interested (don’t blink):

Fri Aug 31 10:30:am Fri Aug 31 12:00:pm Violence in Fantasy
Wright The use and misuse of violence in SF and fantasy. How much is too much?
D.H. Aire  Doug Hulick  James Enge  Scott Lynch


Fri Aug 31 4:30:pm Fri Aug 31 6:00:pm Autograph Session 6
Autograph Tables
Charles Stross  Doug Hulick  Gra Linnaea  Hanna Martine  James Patrick Kelly  Jay Lake  Paul Genesse  Sharon Shinn


The above may look light, but it’s actually about what I was shooting for. This being WorldCon, and it being in Chicago, I figured two things would happen: 1) I’d be low man on the totem pole when it came to panel slots/topics, and 2) I’d be spending a good amount of time catching up with friends (new & old, from near & far), hitting some of my favorite Chicago eateries, and just generally keeping things low stress. Another panel or two might have been nice, sure (and I was half hoping they’d let me teach my Practical Rapier For Writers panel), but I’m content with this. And really, the one panel I am on? ACES!

As for a reading slot: I specifically didn’t request one. Since I knew Sworn in Steel wasn’t going to be out in time, and wasn’t even positive it would be in a presentable state, I didn’t want to walk in and read something from the book I had released a year and a half ago. Some people may not be pleased by that (and I do appreciate you wanting to hear me stumble over my own words, honest :), but if I’m going to read, I’d prefer it be from something you can look forward to, rather than something you’ve already read. Maybe that’s more of a me thing, but I feel like I ought to roll out the new model at things like this, rather than try to slap a fresh coat of polish on last year’s offering. Plus, it leaves more time for pizza, which, let’s face it, is just about the best reason there is to go to Chicago.

So where can you find me at the con if I’m not in my panel or at the signing? Well, I’m stupid tall (6′ 7″) and have been known to haunt the bar at events like this. If you see me (or someone you think is me), feel free to come up and say Hi.

2 thoughts on “WorldCon/ChiCon 7

  1. Just finished “Among Thieves” . Fab. Can hardly wait for Vol. 2 – asap, OK? Your rapier background – now I understand why scenes w swordsmanship so detailed – aha!

    1. Guilty as charged on the swordy bits.

      Glad you liked AT. Working hard on SiS. I’ll post news on the site as soon as there is something to report!

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