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Things Other People Have Said…

…about Among Thieves, first book in the Tales of the Kin series.

“The book begins by thrusting you right in the centre of the action and from there it simply doesn’t stop…[T]his is not your typical heroic tale… If you like Brent Weeks or Scott Lynch’s work then this is one for you. Ask yourself the question; ‘Do you like your Fantasy dark, gritty and action packed?’ If the answer if yes to all three – this will no doubt be your best read of 2011. DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK!” – Fantasy Faction, January 2011.

“It’s always a fear with highly-anticipated books that they won’t live up to expectations. Such was definitely not the case with Among Thieves: This was a pleasure to read – full of intrigue, colourful and realistic characters, and a fast-paced, action-packed plot.” — Civilian Reader, March 2011.

Among Thieves is seamless storytelling.” — Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’ News & Reviews, March 2011.

“A story full of mystery and intrigue, breathtaking fight scenes, unexpected plot twists, surprising revelations and clever cons. A story that hooked me from the first chapter, kept me entertained until the very last page, and then left me begging for the sequel…. [I]t will be a crime if Douglas Hulick’s Among Thieves isn’t in the running for the best fantasy debut of 2011.” — Robert Thompson at Fantasy Book Critic, March 2011.

Goodreads has a veritable smorgasbord of reviews of Among Thieves, from five stars down to, well, quite a bit fewer stars. The link will take you the main review page for the novel, after which you can scroll down or refine your search in a couple of different ways.

LibraryThing, like Goodreads, has an array of reader reviews to check out.

“…[T]hrough all the action and suspense, the story stays true to itself, never once faltering or slowing down and never once making us doubt the believability of Drothe or his friends….Among Thieves is definitely up to par with a lot of other debuts like Sanderson’s Elantris, Peter V. Brett’s The Warded Man, or Brent Weeks’ Way of Shadows.” — The Ranting Dragon, March 2011

Things I’ve Said…

The flagship interview at Fantasy Faction, wherein I talk about how it all started, thoughts on writing, expectations, and stuff I like to read.

Interview the Second, at Civilian Reader, in which I go on even longer that my Fantasy Faction interview, and in the process: explain why genre fiction is like coffee drinks; admit it amazes me I actually get books written; blame snow for (some) speculative fiction.