Is there going to be a sequel to Among Thieves? If so, when can I expect to see it in stores?

Yes, I’m working on a sequel. It’s currently slated to be released in April of 2012. A third Tales of the Kin novel is scheduled for 2013. It has been delayed. A release date will be forthcoming soon. I posted a more detailed explanation about the delay here.

How long is the series going to be? Is it a trilogy, a quartet, or what?

That’s a good question. Right now, I’m contracted to write three books in the series. If things go well, I may be asked to write more; if not, well, who knows what will come next? Publishing is as much about business as it is about art, and my wanting to write more books in this (or any) world depends as much on projected sales as it does on my wanting to write them.

That said, there is an over-arching story arc that is meant to develop over the course of the series. So, while each book is meant to stand on its own (more or less) in terms of the main plot, there will be things going on in the background that impact the bigger story line. Whether I will need to wrap that up in three or four or more books isn’t something entirely under my control at this point.

The series is called, “Tales of the Kin.” Does this mean that you’ll be writing Kin books from other viewpoints besides Drothe’s?

Let’s just say it wasn’t an accident I named the series the way I did. Right now, this is Drothe’s story; but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for other characters to share in that tale, or tell their own, down the line. Again, a lot is dependent on how the initial books do and whether there is interest in more books set in this world.

How do you pronounce Drothe’s name?

It rhymes with “oath”. (And no, that wasn’t on purpose.)

Did you mean for Drothe’s name to be similar to Patrick Rothfuss’s character, “Kvothe”?

Nope. I started my book long before The Name of the Wind came out. When I picked up Name and saw that the main character was called Kvothe, I considered asking Mr. Rothfuss to change it; but, you know, it was already in print and his sales seemed to be doing okay. Plus, it would have been inconvenient for him to go and change every book in every store by hand like I wanted, so….

Seriously, I knew some people would wonder about this when I first read Name. But by that point,  Drothe had been with me for over a decade. Changing Drothe’s name would have been like changing my kid’s name because the star athlete at school had a similar monicker. Drothe was Drothe, and if people wondered, I decided, let them. They’re very different characters and books.

Do you have a master map of Ildrecca/the Dorminikan Empire/your world? Are there plans to put it online at some point?

Nope, and nope. I’m not a map kind of guy, at least in terms of my world. Since I tend to do a lot of world building on the fly, I don’t want to be locked in by what I drew on a bar napkin five years ago (or whatever). Of course, I expect that at some point I may have to sketch some things out just to keep track of it all; but right now, I (like Drothe) am happy to carry it about in my head.

Why didn’t you publish a glossary of thieves’ cant in the back of your book? Do you plan to put one in your next book?

This was another conscious decision in my part, based on two thoughts. First, I wanted to challenge myself to define as much of the cant as possible through context; to have the reader figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar term based on how its used and the actions or events surrounding it. If I have a glossary to fall back on, it makes it too easy for me to throw in a bunch of terms in without actually working to make things clear to the reader. I’d rather limit the number of terms and make them that much more relevant.

Secondly, I’ve always hated having to flip back and forth in a novel to figure out what a passage meant. Ditto end notes in academic works. It just breaks the flow. Far better, IMO, to make it apparent through the use of the word itself. (Note: I am a big fan, however, of footnotes in academic books, and am sad that they are now out of vogue in most disciplines.)

All that being said, I do want to build an on-line lexicon on my web site at some point. I also plan to start tweeting weekly cant terms and definitions via my twitter feed soon.

You don’t seem to blog much on this site. Why not?

I’m not a bloggy kind of guy; or, rather, I haven’t been lately. Deadlines and all that. I’m hoping to post more once Book 2 gets handed in. But, yeah, I’m not terribly bloggy even then. If you want to keep up with me or check in, Facebook and Twitter are you better bets at the moment. You can follow me by using the tabs over on the side of the web page, should you be so inclined.

26 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. I gotta say – you and I are opposite in what we like in a fantasy/alt-fiction book. I love a good map and always like to dig into a glossary section. I don’t find it breaks the flow for me. I find it gives me a deeper appreciation and understanding of the material. But, that being said, I’ve really liked the book so far – about halfway in.

  2. just loved this book. I am past reading it two days ago, and I told my wife (who turned me on to it), I miss Drothe, and reading about this world. Thanks for keeping after it for so long. We are discussing that great fine line of plot developement, and plausability. And every time we questioned something, it was apparent. Like Kells, it was a suprise, but very plausible, and so much more the fun. Thanks Dude, can’t wait for the next one.
    You can see that this thing has legs, because, well, all I can say is “Grey Prince.”

  3. I have never been affected by a book so much to the extent I didn’t go for beers with my friends. Then again.. I finished it in 2 days! I barely slept I found it so fantastic!

  4. I very much enjoyed your book. I has all of the things that I look for in a book; great storytelling, good characters and some deeper meaning. Keep it going! Thanks

  5. Loved the book can’t wait for the next one[s].as an avid s/f reader its nice to have a new face[name] to look forward to.don’t stop writing , keep them coming. JRT

  6. Just wanted to say I LOVED this book. I actually read it all in one sitting. So many fantasy/sci-fi books have difficulty managing the plots, interesting characters, complex worlds, and funny dialogue, but yours did perfectly! And I’m very excited to find out that there’ll be more books coming. I really hope that Drothe’s friendship with Bronze daegan gets rebuilt and that Christiana is in more of the next book she was totally badass, and I loved the sibling interaction, they could make an unstoppable pair I think. Any chance you can put up an excerpt from the next book on this website?

  7. The highest compliment I can give… It was good enough that I skipped some of my normal Warcraft time….yea really. Thanks for the ride Doug, I hope you’ve got more of these in you.

  8. I’m in the middle of re-reading AMOUNG THIEVES for the second or third time. A book this richly textured deserves (and needs, really) to be revisited to be enjoyed in the fullest. One of the best first novels I’ve read, I’m looking forward to more Tales of the Kin.

  9. Just finished the book an hour ago and I figure what a huge challenge it must’ve been to keep all those pieces together and making them fit in the end ! I am looking forward to reading the second book!
    By the way, I loved that in the beginning I had no idea what some of the ‘cant’ words meant and in the end I had a perfectly clear vision of how everything worked…
    Great work :)

  10. Seriously one of the best books i have ever read. i loved it. and i loved ildrecca. in some ways your storylines do actually relate to the streets of planet earth but in another way the book is something way out of this world. truely a genius. i hope you become very successful and i hope you continue to write these amazing books. All the best. My blessings and prayers are with you.

  11. Really enjoyed this FAQ. I’m a fan of the fact that you’re not a map guy. I’m not either. If your book is so deep that it requires me to measure out the number of miles apart the armies are to determine whether or not they could realistically make it to the battle in time to change the tide, etc. then I consider that a very exciting math book and let it gather dust on my bookshelf with the other math books from my college years. Looking forward to an exciting sequel, and should have a review up on my blog soon.

  12. Hi…really enjoyed your book. Living on a remote island off the coast of Maine, leaves plenty of time for reading and finding a new author in this genre is better than chocolate! so! looking forward to the next one…hope you don,t loose Drothe completely..there’s room for more adventures with him…see you among the pages..good luck….

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Among Theives. I’ve been on something of a roguelike kick lately, and it was an excellent addition, and I think a solid opening work. A particular aspect that I enjoyed was that the main character didn’t have much in the way of magic or special powers to rely on. Yes, Drothe has the night vision, however compared to molten projectiles or dream invasion, or the master-level swordplay many of his friends or foes have, his powers paled in comparison. Such a setting leaves him only his wits and allies to see him through to the end of the book, and is difficult to write in a believable manner, however I think that by overcoming these odds you and Drothe both have launched to the forefront of the genre. Really, an excellent work.

  14. Thank you for your hard work, The book is amazing, and I have reread it 4 times now. I wish I had more constuctive criticism for your writing, but all I can really say is looking foward to your new book. Have a nice day

  15. Wow.
    Don’t stop writing.
    While reading I often cought myself holding my breath and a few times I couldn’t stop laughing and laughing because of that humour you have and the gallows humor Drothe has in the book in a murderous and tantalizing world.
    There’s much left to say but in short: it’s the best I’ve ever read… seriously.
    Looking forward to read more. Much more, hopefully.

  16. Among Thieves is a great book. I loved your character development, especially the chemistry between Drothe and his “friends”. The twists in the plot were well-done and kept me guessing(no mean trick considering how many science-fiction/fantasy books I have read. Actually, I taught literature based on those genre.) Keep up the good work.

  17. Wonderful book! I just finished it today. Loved it.
    I hope that Drothe continues to be in your books. I’d miss him! ;D
    Also, I hope he and (SPOILER) Degan somehow become friends again, although I know how unlikely that is.
    Thank you so much for this book! SO excited for the next one! (:

  18. Hey, was wondering if you or a staff member could update the site. It’s been half a year since anything was said and mostly just wondering if you’re still alive and working things out. That’s genuine concern, not being a dick about waiting. I’m excited and being patient b/c I know these things take time. Just an update from whomever would be really nice for all of us no matter how small.
    If that’s impossible then I hope you and yours are well and thank you for your book. It was wonderful and a happy surprise that it was in fact so good after a lot of so-so books I had been reading. Your book made my days better and I thank you for that. :)

  19. WOW!!!
    Brilliant Work Mr. Hulick! Thoroughly Enjoyed The Book, Could Have Had More Fowler Jess, But Brill….Love Bronze Degan So Hard, And Baldezar! He’s An Arse, But Such A Stuck-up Arse….Not To Mention Jelem And The Backdrop Of The Despotate of Djan… Like That Mystery To Be Solved In Future Books
    You Know at The Beginning– What With The History Of Stephen Dorminikos– I Expected Drothe To Turn Out To Be An Incarnation….Woosh, But Now I’d Like Him To Be The Next Isodore!!
    NB: I Thought Drothe was Pronounced: DROTHAY….mmm, Totally Wrong :D
    KEEP It Up!

  20. Just wondering, how does one go about studying 17th century Italian rapier?

    Without access to a time machine??

    In Fargo???

  21. I wrote to you about a year ago wondering when book 3 of a tale of the kin comes out. I really love your books and i think your as good as Abercrombie and better than Sanderson. I have been waiting fir what feels like an age for book 3 and was hoping you could shed some light on when it is coming out. The sooner the better as i am waiting with baited breath. Please dont let it be too long.
    Yours faithfully Roger Henderson

  22. Только что закончила читать замечательную серию “Легенда о Круге”. И сразу же решила написать: СПАСИБО!!! Ждём с мужем продолжения!Прошу прощения за незнание языка. Спасибо за такое прекрасное произведение: за Дрота с его неиссякаемой энергией и юмором, за его дружбу с Деганом, за Птицеловку-крепкий орешек, за всех остальных, конечно, тоже СПАСИБО!
    Разве вор может быть героем? ДА

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